SKT1_Faker is a genius artist and the mid lane is his brush.

All bow before our new Korean overlords.

Anyone who caught OGN last night and saw SKT1 (Team 2: Judgement Day!) take on MVP Blue pretty much witnessed one of the best mid lane performances I’ve ever seen played professionally.

Because of the newness of his team and the lack of exposure to the Korean scene, this guy Faker has remained relatively unknown until now, but after four games straight of absolutely dominating mid play its pretty clear he is the real deal.

What impressed me most was not just his ability to do so well, but to do it on such a wide variety of champions. If he was, for example, just a Leblanc main who only played that champ those plays would still have been impressive, but understandable – as it is now, hes putting almost every other mid laner to shame with champion depth and mechanics.

To break it down:

He played the poke/burst style of mid twice, as Nidalee (where he solo killed the Korea All-Star team’s mid laner, Ambition) and Jayce.

He played the farm oriented / take the jungle camps / scale to late game and teamfight style of mid as Karthus, where he again gained a substantial lead in the mid lane even against a harder matchup (Diana).

He played the bursty all-in assassin style of mid as Leblanc and is making highlight reels off of 1 game because of how many high skill mechanical plays he was outputting.

To be able to fill whatever type of champion your team needs and play that champion not just adequately but exceptionally is the hallmark of someone who is going to be a really big star if this keeps up.

Here’s to Faker, my new favorite mid!

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